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SPY 350 F1 ATV

A lot of people know this type of quad under name of JINLING, because JINLING have conquered European and American market long time ago. However, 350 F1 may look the same, but it’s a much more improved machine. Spy Racing in China is the manufacturer of this awesome quad.

Top main highlights of SPY 350 F1:

- Engine: 350cc water-cooled (ZONGSHEN with reverse gear)
- Chain: KMC golden
- New longer seat (20cm than common one) 
- High performance CNC parts: brake pedal, footrest, handlebar balance block 
- Bigger frame, new fender with aluminum rear spoiler 
- New digital speedometer 

The 350cc Zongshen engine is something that owners of JINLING quads were dreaming about. 
I remember, once I asked JINLING dealer support service to put a bigger engine to their quads, because our customers want it, cause the 250cc LONCIN engine is too weak. And guess what, I got the answer: “I am sorry, Mr. Irmantas, but the frame of our ATV is not strong enough to support the 350cc engine and within higher speeds, quad can fall apart. I was amazed and at the same time I was starting to look for a new, for more “secure” quad. 

SPY 350 F1 ATV

Usually in chinese quads manuals is written: “Always insure to tighten the screws of the quad before riding”. It’s not a joke. You forget it once or twice and a big surprise can happen. 
Back to our improved SPY 350cc. The new bigger seat makes more comfortable for your passenger to sit. Because of stronger and bigger frame quad is reliable and a relatively safe vehicle. CNC parts not only sturdy built, but gives a nicer look for the whole ATV. The best part we like – new digital speedometer available with scales up to 150 km/h and 90 mph. Additionally, it has a nice feature – shifter indicator. Tachometer showing 12 000 RPM! In real conditions SPY F1 350 can accelerate up to 120km/h (72 mph) and tachometer will reach about 8 000 RPM, that’s a maximum, my friends!

Technically 350 F1 quad has 22 kW within 7500 RPM and max torque of 28 NM / 6000 RPM. Enough to take even a bigger man on the road! On wet tarmac second gear can easily convert your quad into a drifting machine! But be careful, very addictive!
SPY 350 F1 ATV

SPY Racing offers three versions of SPY 350 quads: 

- SPY 350 F1 – Most common, standard 350cc quad. 
- SPY 350 C – Fashion style, choose all the colors of your next quad yourself. 
- SPY 350 S – Off-road version. Off-road tires, with smaller rims and old style fashioned footrests. 

P.S.: for old school customers possible to order 250 F1 quads with Loncin engine. 

spy 350 f1 
SPY 350 F1 is a road legal ATV, has no restrictions. Should be problem free registration in every Country or State. I recommend to adjust headlights before showing quad to traffic control. If you will observe that ride is a bit bumpy - problem is in the tires, prepare to order the new ones. It’s hit-or-miss!


plus Awesome drifting on wet tarmac
plus Good acceleration and top speed
plus Tough look, nice design quad
plus Adjustable gas shocks
plus 6 gears with reverse
plus Can be converted to off-road quad


minus Hubs can crack after some time 
minus Low quality tires, wearing fast and are slippery
minus Sometimes SPY 350 F1 comes badly assembled from the factory, we call it “hit-or-miss”!
minus ATV stability is so so, rollover possible
minus While driving in the rain, engine cutoff can occur (wiring problem)
minus Headlights low quality, here is a lot of space for improvements

CONCLUSION – 7 out of 10 points

If you are lucky one and getting a quad professionally assembled, you will have a pretty decent ATV for money. After a few upgrades, SPY 350 F1 can be a really good looking and fast ATV. I'd highly recommend purchasing from an experienced dealer, not directly from Spy Racing, because of the support and parts.

We only make fair reviews of ATV, quads, motorcycles and UTV that was personally tested.
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Kinroad XT-650

650ccm, 4-takts, manuell 4-trinns girkasse med revers.
2 sylinder, vannkjølt, bakhjulsdrift, H. feste.

Størrelse: 273 cm x 170 cm x 148 cm
Toppfart ~100 km / t.

Se på Youtube:

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ZTR 250ccm trehjulinger

Vi har fått ZTR på lager i Kristiansand!!


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