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REVIEW OF ZTR or The Trike Roadster

ztr trike roadster

In 2012 I have imported first ZTR also known as a Trike Roadster to Europe and Norway. ZTR was the newbie in the market of trikes and ATV`s, with a very big potential to become the best sold ATV in the world. 

The first order of ZTR landed and after a couple of months, I got a freshly made ZTR! Oh my, this thing was amazing! I received one in gray color and another one in yellow. As always, they came half mounted, but I enjoy installing the parts by myself. It also makes it easier to find out if there are any weaknesses and also to get a closer look.A couple of tense hours later I had every part installed and a 250cc ZONGSHEN engine running.

ZONGSHEN engines are copies of the great Honda`s 250cc. This 1 cylinder water cooled engine is one of the best engines ever made in China and it is strong enough to pull you and your fellow passengers weight while still burning rubber! Impressive! The specifications reads that the ZTR only” has 16HP, but it easily can toast some rubber on the tarmac. Wonder how that is possible? Fun fact, the ZTR actually has almost twice the horsepower. During the certification process ZTR was restricted to 16HP (Thanks to European laws), but when sold the restriction always stays on the paper. So when you cruise around you have 24HP roaring unless you ask for the restriction to be put in. 

4 gears (up/down shifting), one reverse with a manual clutch, good enough and easy for everyoneTop speed is about 100 km/h. You don't want to go faster, believe me! 

ztr trike

Like I said earlier, ZONGSHEN engines are reliable and inexpensive to service. If… it’s properly cooledTRIKE ROADSTER has a water cooling system of two small radiators and two fans. Cooling pipes are very clumsy and has "interesting" circuit, you can easily get airlock or bad water circulation. Since ZTR came with pre-installed cooling system, I didn’t realized to check it better: enough water, fans working! After I sold my first ZTR, it came back with an overheated engine head. I started to reinstall every cooling system over and over again. Even if you get a half mounted trike, consider to re-install it if you want to drive safely! Otherwise - The chances of an unnecessary expense coming your way will be bigger. 
FUN PART – driving with ZTR is EXTREMELY fun! Awesome acceleration, stability and bad-ass look! You will become an instant low-rider! It feels kind of like driving a formula 1 on the road. The trike will attract the interest of the public everywhere you go and it feels like driving a $3 million Ferrari.

Other good features is that you can adjust the height of the front suspension so even bigger road bumps feels smooth and will not bother you. However, to adjust the suspensions and to align the angle of the wheel a mechanic or laser alignment system is needed.

trike roadster

ATTENTION: ZTR or Trike Roadster has COC / EEC Certificates, but that does not mean that you can register it easily in your country. In order to get a license plate, there is 4-5 steps that you need to DIY. Example: Install License Plate Lights, Parking Lights Etc.


plus Extremely fun to drive
plus Good acceleration
plus Bad-ass look
plus Adjustable suspension
plus 4 manual gears with reverse


minus SAFETY 
Because ZTR is so low, cars can drive right on to you! Think about a situation: you are stopping behind a car and it suddenly starts to move backwards. Because obviously driver has no chance to see You there, serious wounds or even death is possible.

minus SEATS
Low quality fiberglass seats are light, but not durable. Driver seat cracked after 2 hours of driving.  

Vibrates like hell! Very bad solution: engine is placed right into the frame. Vibration is a killer! Prepare to see loosen screws, broken parts, cracks and etc.! 

Prepare to invest in some wind / rain protection. Not only because of your own comfort, but also to protect electrical side. 

Not possible to see more than 5-8 meters forward. Very hard to adjust the height too, a few bumps and the lights are down!

CONCLUSION – 6 out of 10 points

You are “bad boy” of the town and going for a drive with a low powered trike only on a sunny day? You love to spend your Saturdays in a garage by tightening the screws? Then ZTR is for you!

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